About Kumusoft Cloud

Kumusoftcloud is a platform that consists of multiple applications whose sole purpose is protecting and securing your data. These applications allow you to be more productive without losing control and be in charge of your company’s information.This information or data can be inform or documents, files, audios, videos, pictures, notes, etc.Kumusoftcloud is committed to provide technology that is a perfect fit for your organization!

Its Features

Digital Library

Your employees need to have easy access to their files, photos and documents to work and share with team members, clients and partners. 

One will have the liberty to share files with one or more people and grant them rights of what actions they can perform on the specific shared files.

Kumusoftcloud digital library is an on-premise, open source file sync and share solution designed to be easy-to-use and highly secure.


Kumusoftcloud ensures easy sending and receiving emails in a breeze, multiple accounts with unified inbox and easy-to-use folder management.

Supports end-to-end encryption using OpenPGP which guarantees maximum security


Kumusoftcloud Talk is a fully on-premises audio/video and chat communication service. It features web and mobile apps and is designed to offer the highest degree of security while being easy to use.

Kumusoftcloud Talk lowers the barrier for communication and lets your team connect any time, any where, on any device, with each other, customers or partners.


Kumusoftcloud  is designed to deeply integrate in your infrastructure, using existing user directories and file storage systems.

The presence of multiple systems integrated and working together to provide your business with platform that will suit your organization’s needs.


Kumusoftcloud Calendar helps in scheduling work meetings online, creating multiple calendars and integrating external calendar resources (WebCal). Shares your calendars with your team or make them public


This module keeps your contacts organized and shares your address books with your team.

Sync your contacts with phones and other devices.


Kumusoftcloud is designed to protect user data through multiple layers of protection. It understands the necessity to provide core principle baseline security requirements.  Kumusoftcloud is built on these security principles to ultimately deliver a secure solution to their customers.

Maximum security can be achieved in the following ways;

Encryption, Permissions, Logging and monitoring, Data Retention and Finegrained File Access Control.